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We are Polypipe Underfloor Heating approved installers with many years of experience but if you prefer can also install and service other brands of underfloor heating.
There are generally two types of underfloor heating systems, one being electric, known as the “dry” system and the other is water filled which is labelled the “wet” system.
At AJK Services we specialises in both warm water underfloor heating systems and electric underfloor heating.
Installation of wet underfloor heating systems in combination with liquid screed is a quick and cost effective way to get your underfloor heating system up and running and is equally as cost effective for domestic or larger commercial properties.
AJK Services has been supplying and installing underfloor heating systems for many years and over the time we have tried and tested most methods of installation and have the experience to a flawlessly plan, design and fit any size or type of installation.
When talking about water systems the most common approach is to bury the heating pipes into the floor of the property using a coating such as a liquid screed. The heating pipes then radiate natural heat evenly throughout the room, ensuring that there are no cold spots or excessively hot spots.
Warm water underfloor heating systems can also be installed to first floors and second floors. These floors are normally suspended timber which makes the installation a little more time consuming, but this doesn’t stop us! We either clip direct from underneath, or the preferred option is to baton the existing floor and lay the pipes in-between and cover over with a new tongue and groove chipboard. Making sure the joists below are well insulated and this works well.
Underfloor heating gives you the freedom to re-position furniture as you please without worrying about radiator positions, it’s healthy for asthmatics and best of all its cheaper to run than radiators.

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The Polypipe Solid Underfloor Heating system is ideal for ground floors in both new build and renovation projects as well as conservatories or extensions with solid floor constructions. The piping is fitted into the floor panels and covered with screed before finally laying the floor covering on top.

Designed for use in timber suspended or battened floors, the spreader plates are fixed simply to the joist using small nails or staples. The pipe is then fitted to the preformed grooves of the panels. Adding a layer of insulation below the panels will ensure that almost all of the heat generated passes up into the room. The Polypipe suspended floor systems are also suitable for ‘sprung’ flooring systems as used in sports halls etc.

Suitable for both solid and timber floors, the Polypipe Floating Underfloor Heating system is an ideal alternative to the Solid system when structural weight limitations prevent you from adopting the latter. In new builds, the high-density polystyrene panels used with this system can also enhance the thermal insulation requirement.

Traditionally, installing underfloor heating into upper floors could be challenging in both old and new build projects where it is often a difficult task to manoeuvre around the floor joists. However, with Modular Heating Panels it is now quick, they can be placed strategically in areas that need heat the most for maximum efficiency, avoiding areas under baths and fitted units so they do not have to cover the entire surface area of the room

At only 18mm in depth, allows underfloor heating to be installed in projects where traditional underfloor systems would either require expensive excavation or where the existing floor would need to be raised to an unacceptable level. Overlay™ is ideal for heavyweight floor coverings like ceramics, or where the floor covering needs to be secured directly to the panel, such as solid wood.

is easy to handle and cut, making it the ideal choice for larger areas and multiple rooms. With a slighter deeper profile, Overlay™ Lite 15 can be used on top of a supporting floor or as a low profile alternative to a floating floor. This system delivers the same responsive heat but is configured to be more suitable for larger, ‘whole house’ projects.

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